How to Play Online Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Are you new to online puzzling? Read this quick guide on how to play online jigsaw puzzle games here at Jigsaw Puzzle Galore.

How to Start the Puzzle

Simply click on the image of a puzzle you want to complete. Then click “OK” to start the puzzle.

How to Rotate the Puzzle Pieces

Sometimes rotating the pieces helps solve the puzzle faster. You can do that when playing online jigsaw puzzles too.

Puzzle piece rotation can be enabled by toggling the button on the small center panel that appears when you first load a puzzle. Enable rotation and change the puzzle pieces with either the mouse scroll wheel or by using the left and right arrow keys. Pieces can rotated on a touch screen by selecting a piece with a tap and then continue tapping the selected piece to rotate it.

You can toggle rotation on or off after puzzle play has begun by clicking the button and selecting “Modify this Puzzle”.

How to Mix up the Pieces for Online Puzzle Games

What if you can’t find the piece you are looking for? For a regular puzzle, you simply shuffle the pieces with your hands hoping to find the right one. When playing an online jigsaw puzzle, rearranging the pieces has a few rules.

The Edges Only button can be used to hide the interior pieces while you assemble the edge pieces. After the edges are all joined the button can be used to rearrange loose, unmoved pieces towards the perimeter of the playing area. If there are less than 10 loose pieces left to assemble (or if the Shift key is pressed while clicking the button) then clicking the button moves all loose pieces to the perimeter (useful for finding seemingly “missing” pieces that are hard to see).

**Note that you can cause any loose puzzle piece to be treated as unmoved (and therefore subject to being rearranged) by moving the piece directly between any two unmoved pieces.

How to Change the Difficulty

The greatest benefit of playing an online jigsaw puzzle game is changing the difficulty. This feature makes the jigsaw puzzles on Jigsaw Puzzle Galore accessible to all puzzle enthusiasts, beginner and advanced alike. You can play the same puzzle with your choice of pieces.

To change the number of pieces click and select “Modify this Puzzle”. This will open a window and you simply select how many pieces you want.

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Happy Puzzling!