A website dedicated to jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who want to play online.

Hi! I’m Ash and I love puzzles.

This year I made a commitment to learn digital art as an absolute beginner. Read about my journey on my blog A Digital Artist in Progress.

During my journey, I discovered AI Art. Creating beautiful images from simple words is the coolest idea ever!

I wanted to find a unique way to share my AI art with others. The next week I was given the brilliant idea to turn my art into puzzles.

I decided to create a space to combine my love of puzzles with my new love of AI art. Here at Jigsaw Puzzle Galore, I am dedicated to giving you special jigsaw puzzles. Most are created using an image generator but some I have made as I learn digital art.

Every puzzle is created by me and I will update this site constantly with all the unique art that pops into my head. Feel free to contact me with any drawing ideas or AI prompts you want to see become puzzles!

Happy Puzzling!

-Puzzle Lover Ash